Established in 1951

Our Archbishop, Josephus Johannes Palumbo, OCR, D.Min, D.Rel serves as the Resident Domestic Missionary in Charge of all Spiritual Matters of Liturgy, Preaching and Parochial Visitations.  In Preparation for the Sacred Ministry he was Educated at Stratford Military Academy,  St. Augustine (Minor) High School Seminary, La Salette Junior College Seminary and Savonarola Theological Seminary (STS) of the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC) and Graduated (3.4 GPA)  with Honors.  During his course of study he was given the Tonsure, the Monor Orders of Doorkeeper, Lector, Blesser/Exorcist and Acolyte.  He was Ordained to the Major Order of Subdeacon shortly thereafter.  On the Feast of St Gabriel the Archangel, March 24, 1976 Subdeacon Palumbo was Ordained to the Order of Deacon and to the  Holy Priesthood at St. Stanislaus PNCC  Cathedral by the Prime Bishop Thaddeus F. Zielinski.  His first assignment was as Vicar of Holy Trinity PNCC Cathedral in Manchester, NH.  He Celebrated his First Mass before an overflowing congregation of family, friends and parishioners at St. Valentine’s PNCC in Philadelphia, PA.  The Very Rev. Stanley Podgorny the Pastor delivered the Sermon.  Father Palumbo is the first man to be Ordained of Italian descent in the Polish National Catholic Church and since.  He was also Licensed by three PECUSA Bishops between 1977 and 1980 and Celebrated all of the Sacraments in Diocese’s in New Jersey and California.

Rev. Dr. Henry M. George was the Archbishop’s Professor of Sacred Scripture during his years at STS.  He had a profound influence on the Archbishop while still a young Seminarian.  Dr. George later served as his Proctor and Mentor as he went on to earn his advanced degrees.  At this time Dr. George was the  President of Chatham Hill College and Divinity School.  The Archbishop has often remarked, the two occasions on which Dr. George presented him with his advanced degrees earned from the Chatham Hill Divinity School are only exceeded by his Ordination and  Consecration.  Dr. George and the Archbishop  remained in close contact for years thereafter.

The abilities of young Father Palumbo were recognized relatively early in his Ministry and he was later Elected and Consecrated to the Historic Episcopate.  He has been in Public Ministry since 1976 and served the Church in various Parochial and Administrative Positions in 18 United States and 3 Foreign Countries.  He has offered a variety of Ministry centered around Parishes and Missions in the Heart of the Missouri Ozarks since February 2004.  Since December 2008 his Headquarters have been at the Manse and Chapel in Exeter, MO.

Further recognition was granted to the Archbishop in Early 2014.  The Protectors of one of the most Historic Archives containing the Estates of those (Churchmen) who first brought Orthodoxy to America decided to designate him as its new Custodian.  The contents consist of and are not limited to 2 Huge Commercial Filing Cabinets of  Church Paper Ephemera, Personal Letters, Certificates, Altar Service Books,  Theology Books from every Discipline, Episcopal Regalia, Vestments, Church Furniture and all manner of Altar Appointments.  It was stored for decades in Southern California until released from two sources several years ago.  Much of the content of this Historic Archive dates back to the 1880’s through to the 1980’s.

Having fast forwarded to maintain our continuity of thought here, we now digress back to September 2006.   The Archbishop and his Wife, Mother Maria Graciela were received into the Order of Christ Our Most Holy Redeemer and Heavenly King by then Master General ++John Charles Maier, OCR at the Historic OCR Chancery in Laguna Beach, California.  Upon the untimely demise of ++Maier  in December of 2013 as his designated Successor ++Josephus Johannes took his place as the Fifth OCR Master General.

2006 was a busy year for the Archbishop as he took on the responsibility of establishing Mission Communities in Ghana and Brazil.  They have been under his Jurisdiction and Patronage ever since and have been led by their original Cleric’s in Charge.  These Missions are near and dear to his heart.  The details concerning these Missions are to be found on the Missions Page.

The Archbishop can almost always be found on the grounds of St. Mary Magdalene on the Hill in either the the Theological Library, the Oratory, the main room of the Manse or in the Chapel next to it.  He Welcomes those personally who Visit the Chapel and answers questions from Inquirers about the Appointments found there within.  The Archbishop makes the Theological Library available to those who look to deepen their understanding of the Christian Faith.  He freely offers Devotional Books and Pamphlets to help strengthen the Spiritual and Prayer Life of all who ask for his Counsel.

Mother Maria Graciela, OCR or Sister Marie as she is affectionately called by those who know her best is usually not far in proximity from the Archbishop.